Changing Lives, Changing Systems: Reconnecting lonely older people with their community

8 July 2021

This report by Social Finance shares learning from practical experience of impact at scale. It focuses on Reconnections, a service which aims to address loneliness and social isolation among older people. Reconnections was transferred to Independent Age – a leading UK wide charity that supports older people and has the specialist skills and resources to replicate it.

We consider what lasting change for people and society looks like in practice using Reconnections as an example of this kind of ‘transfer’ approach to impact at scale. Our hope is that by sharing the general lessons they can be applied by other charities, funders and agencies involved in social change on a range of issues.

This is part of a series of co-produced reports at Social Finance called Changing Lives, Changing Systems. These reports will capture and disseminate cross-cutting learnings from different case studies showing impact at scale in practice.

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