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PO Box 4826, Joplin, Missouri 64803-4826

Bishop Dr. Bill & Dr. Faye Hanshew are the original Founders of "DUNAMIS INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES," which today is now known as, "WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CENTER" a.k.a., WBSITC.

We are a Bible-believing, Spirit-filled ministry, preaching and teaching the principles of the Word of God from the original Hebrew and Greek languages, and demonstrating the Kingdom of heaven in word and deed.

We share what we understand to be the message of the Kingdom of God, which is "Christ in you, the hope of glory." We preach faith, wholeness, righteousness, grace, love, and the expanding of the Kingdom of God within your understanding of truth, even as you are the expression of Father in this world.

Through our many forms of ministry activity, we provide a Bible-based education through our online school, as well as the use of Internet Webinars, local church preaching, and seminars when possible.

Through World Bible School University (an online institution of learning), focused on a Biblical Education which is available in both Certificate and Degree programs in an eCampus format (online) and one day, we hope to have a physical Campus where degree studies will continue to be developed. 

Dr. Bill Hanshew (BIO) is the Presiding Bishop and President of World Bible School International Training Center, a legal non-profit corporation.

Dr. Bill is also the Founder/Chancellor and Professor at World Bible School University.

Dr. Bill currently has three doctorates:

One in Biblical Studies and two in Theology. 

Dr. Faye Hanshew (BIO) is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of World Bible School International Training Center.

Dr. Faye is also the Registrar and Professor at World Bible School University.

Dr. Faye has a Master's Degree in Business Administration and a Doctorate in Theology. 

Please be patient as we update our entire website.

It can take weeks and maybe months. Thank you! 

  • We care about fellowship with other ministers and other believers in the body of Christ around the world who are unified with the belief that Jesus Christ is the ONLY Savior of the world and who are committed to serving Father God and the needs of people everywhere, within our ability; especially through prayer, encouragement and the Word of God.
  • We care about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world. And to do that, we use the principles found the God's Word, which we are honored to share with you and from our 48-plus years of ministry experience in pastoral ministry and apostolic leadership.
  • We care about married life between one man and one woman. We have been married for 47 years now and have learned more about NOT giving up, rather than caving in to defeat from every challenge in life.
  • We care about making available to you the tools you need for learning how to live a joyful and victorious life through the person of Jesus Christ and in His Kingdom, now in this earthly realm.
  • We care about teaching you how to live out of the heavenly realm so that you can truly experience heaven on earth. 

WHEREVER YOU MAY BE IN YOUR WALK WITH JESUS, may you find His strength through our prayers and words of encouragement, through Articles by Dr. Bill Hanshew, MP3 Sermons, Faith Unlimited Magazine, and our willingness to share with you the Word of with

LOCALLY, we pray that your life will be enriched from one of our healing services as we travel, or from the local worship services where our Apostolic Team will minister to you; or even in our weekly Bible Study as the revelation of the Father's heart is unveiled. God wants to touch your life today, right where you are, and bring supernatural change to you and others by the power of the Holy Spirit.

INTERNATIONALLY, we pray that somehow, as we connect over the internet through Social Media such as Facebook, Skype, or in one of our Internet Webinars & Television [which is being developed], or through some other form of media. We pray that your life will be changed by gaining a greater understanding of Biblical truths pertaining to His established Kingdom today.

OUR MISSION is to develop, teach, train & educate others in the Word of God, beginning with pastors & leaders of all kinds; because everyone needs to learn something more.

OUR MESSAGE is to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God, which is a kingdom that is now. Also, to preach faith and grace, which is also the gospel of Jesus Christ. We intend to teach the scriptures through multiple methods, including teaching everyone we possibly can reach.

OUR MANDATE comes from a word of the Lord, which came many years ago when the Spirit of God said, "Teach My Word to my people." As Apostles, this is what keeps us pushing forward.

Bill Hanshew Ministries

PO Box 4826

Joplin MO 64803-4826

"I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth." Psalm 34:1 (NKJV)