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Statement of Beliefs:

This ministry evolved from a basic evangelical foundation and over the years has evolved into a building of beliefs that have become the overall structure built from that foundation.

However, we do believe that the Bible is our guide which directs us to the revelation of all truth; and as it is interpreted from the original language, it is therefore without error, it is inspired, infallible, and authoritative. This is the divine influence that equally extends to all parts of the writings in the original manuscripts.

What we believe is very simple, and yet we are continuously being upgraded in our belief-system through downloads of revelation from Holy Spirit. However, we basically believe the following:

1) Salvation:

Salvation is best defined from the original language as to be rescued. Therefore, this is not an event but a birthing fourth of our reconnection to the mind of the Creator of all creation. It is this reconnection that came to all mankind through the actions of the Son of God at the place of the Skull or the place of Remembrance. Mankind was created as one-with-God; and therefore, the sacrifice of Jesus was not for us, but AS us for the purpose of getting the attention of mankind who were disconnected from God in their own minds because of sin. The word sin comes from the Greek word hamartia meaning, mistaken identity. It was the shedding of the blood of Jesus that satisfied the debt the law demanded and freed mankind to walk in the grace of God, and partake of the death, burial, and resurrection of the Eternal Christ, awakening mankind back to his created origin in God.

2) The Finished Work:

We believe that Jesus came to reveal the Father to mankind, and therefore, AS He is, so are you because who you are is who you have always been since before the foundation of the universe. The Eternal Christ completed everything that the Father sent Him to do in reconnecting mankind back to Him. If you believe that the work Jesus did is complete, and finished, then inside of you resides His Finished Work, which we call the “fullness of God in you.” The fullness of God is known as Christ in you, the hope of glory, which is also in you for the purpose of distribution to others. This fullness is in the form of the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We all have within us Father, Son, and Holy Spirit where we as spirit-beings live in union with God. And as we walking out the truth of His Finished Work, we are moving toward being one expression of who Father is, which is the manifestation of waking up to His completed work within.

3) Holy Spirit:

We are born or created as spirit-beings from before the foundation of the universe. The experience of Holy Spirit came to mankind as recorded in Acts chapter 2, to enlighten and inspire us with the revelation of truth, revealing who you have always been. We believe in having the boldness to be witnesses of the Eternal Christ, as well as having the ability to demonstrate the manifested power of God in us and within the lives of others through supernatural gifts. We also believe in speaking in other tongues as our personal prayer language.

4) Spiritual Gifts:

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are for the benefit of others according to scripture. We operate in them according to each person’s individual level of understanding pertaining to each of the nine-gifts. These gifts flow in the individual for the purpose of helping everyone while under the direction of Holy Spirit within.

5) Divine Healing and Wholeness:

A better wording for “Divine Healing” would be “Walking in the Wholeness of the Father.” The Godhead designed His creation to walk in health. We were never created with sickness or lack of health. But in this human-form, mankind has encountered many things through hearing bad doctrine as we were growing up and hearing about various sicknesses and diseases, our minds embraced the idea of affliction. However, the will of God is for us to walk in the “Health” of His DNA embedded within us as spirit, and implanted within us by Father at the moment of creation. Therefore, we pray for one another that our minds-eye or our understanding will become a single-focus of health as we see the truth about sickness and embrace the mind of God concerning wholeness for body and mind. As He is, so are we in this world.

6) Our Message:

Overall, we preach Faith, Hope, Victorious Christian Living, Righteousness, Unconditional Love and Grace. These are all expressions of Father’s love toward all mankind as His creation. When we think as God thinks, that is when we effectively preach the message of His mind to all. God is Love, and therefore we are love, and we express who God is as we love in faith, walking in hope, righteousness, and the victory we have been given from the origin of creation.

7) Marriage:

This ministry holds to the biblical view of marriage between one man and one woman as the established pattern seen in the scriptures. There is no biblical precedence for marriage between anyone of the same-sex. Therefore, this ministry does not perform same-sex marriages, nor do we support gay marriage of any form, even though we demonstrate the love of Christ to all. We encourage all who are Ordained, Consecrated, or Confirmed by our corporation of WBSITC, to not perform any type of same-sex marriages.

8) Unconditional Love:

This ministry has a system of beliefs, or a standard of operation, just as all ministries should have. We were founded on the idea of God’s Unconditional Love for His creation. Therefore, we love everyone, no matter what they have or are doing. Yet, that does not eliminate our system of beliefs, or our standard of operations. Love is the rule of our actions. And although we are all still learning and have our own personal struggles about the performance of other people around us, still yet, WBSITC and WBSU engage in the right to love all of God’s creation, no matter who they are or where their journey of life has brought them from. Therefore, even as we have stated our position on “not supporting gay marriage,” we do promote our God-given right to love all mankind regardless of religious preference or personal beliefs. God is love, and we are learning to love like God even as we continue to manifest a greater revelation of the scriptures that inspire us to love more.

9) Agreement and Unity:

We do not agree to disagree. We simply believe in the continual process of learning to agree with what God says. When we all hold to the revelation of Father’s mind, we will walk as one.

And possibly more to come........


We offer ministry by way of instruction from the Bible, which tells everything about your personal life and how to walk it out in your every day life, as well as how to handle life's challenges as you live whole in every area of life.

Our mission is to get the Word of God into the lives of as many people as we can, locally & around the world through every available means.

We provide FREE Devotional lessons (Articles by Dr. Bill Hanshew), as well as MP3 Sermons, Video Clips, Bible Study Tools, Free Webinar broadcasts and much more.

Keep watching this website for updates concerning our ministry. 


Our message can be interpreted as "Pentecostal," "Word of Faith," "Charismatic," "Grace," "Kingdom Now," "Grace" and even "Finished Works" which is a collection of beliefs which declare that Father God in Christ has done exactly what His Word says. We value the interpreted scriptures as the final authority in all matters of life.

Our goal is to provide people with instruction from the Word of God, thereby giving them the tools needed to successfully experience all that God promises.

Our Faith Declaration!

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"I believe this is God’s Word, I choose to believe what it says. Because God does not lie, His Word does not lie. I choose to live His Word, And believe His Word. I believe God will do for me, Exactly what His Word says. I believe it, And I receive it. By Faith, In Jesus name, Amen!"

Bill Hanshew Ministries

PO Box 4826

Joplin MO 64803-4826